Cindy's Northern Crafts
1187 North US 31 Hwy.
Petoskey, MI 49770
By Amy Tyler


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         Cindy’s Fall Knitting Workshops:

Cindy’s Northern Crafts, 1187 North US 31 Hwy. Petokey (231) 439-9221

   September 29th, 30th & October 1st, 2017

Where:  September 29th & October 1st at Cindy’s Store in US 31

September 30thFriendship Center, 1322 Anderson Rd., Petoskey

                       Designer:  Amy Tyler


Amy's formal training was in modern dance, kinesiology, and physiology. She then taught physical therapystudents about critical inquiry, evidence-based practice, and research design. A dozen years ago she left the academic life to pursue fibers arts. Now she teaches spinning and knitting at venues across the country and is well known for her animated and engaging teaching style. She has published articles in Spin-Off and PLY Magazine. Her art and science backgrounds give her a keen understanding of learning movement skills, composition, pattern recognition, and systematic exploration. The result is her focus on spinning and knitting technique, texture, three-dimensional structure, and knit designs that exploit handspinning techniques. You can find out more about her work on her blog,



Please Note:  All workshops or events require advanced registration.  We are now taking applications for Amy Tyler.  Make sure to reserve your spot early, because Cindy’s workshops fill quickly.

Cindy’s workshops are always tons of FUN with many in attendance!  There are three workshops offered with Amy.  You can register for one, two or all three.   There is a discount of 20% off coupon if you register for all three workshops that can be used at any time for the next six months.  Space is limited.  The workshops for September 29 and October 1st are limited to 10, and the all day workshop on September 30th is limited to 24 students.

INCLUDED PLUS:   Guaranteed FUN!

Pop and water provided throughout the all day workshop on September 30th.   September 30th also includes door prizes, gift from Cindy’s, 20% off coupon to use at any one time visit, material fees and seven color pack for medallions to make table runner. September 29th and October 1st water provided, snacks, prizes and material fees!

Workshops & Supplies:

Day 1 – September 29th, 2017

“I-Cord Edges and More”:  1 pm – 4pm

Description: “I-cords” make wonderful, stable edges on a knitted piece, worked along with the knitted piece or added later. In the process of knitting a sample wrist warmer, we will cover using I-cords for side edges, binding off, buttonholes, as well as added I-cords. We will also cover techniques for making I-cord fringe, for grafting I-cord ends together to make continuous I-cord circles, and for using I-cords in all kinds of knitting. Students will leave with a pattern for full-sized wrist warmers.

Class level: advanced beginning to intermediate knitting

Contact hours: 3

Materials fee: Covered in cost of class

Participants to bring: worsted weight yarn and knitting needles appropriate for the yarn (including straight needles, double pointed needles, and circular needles), an extra double pointed needle that is a few sizes smaller, and a darning needle.

Instructor to provide: samples for examination, notebook with handouts, pattern for wrist warmers, sundry supplies.


Day 2 – September 30th, 2017

“Circles and Polygons: Knitting Petoskey Stone Medallions”:  9 am – 4 pm, 1 hour lunch

Description: In this workshop we will knit a medallion that was inspired by the state stone of Michigan, the Petoskey stone. The medallions are flat circles, knitted from the center out. When a series of these medallions are crocheted together, you can change the circular shape to 4-, 5-, 6-, or more-sided pieces. We will cover a circular crochet cast-on, how to knit circularly with 2 circular needles, 2-stitch cable patterns, and crocheting medallions together. With this approach, you can make scarves, afghans, hats, pillows, and more.

Class level: intermediate knitting

Contact hours: 6

Materials fee: Included in cost.  Approximate size for table runner is 12" by 36".  YOU CAN MAKE A SHAWL INSTEAD.  AMY WILL AID IN THE CONVERSION FROM TABLE RUNNER TO SHAWL.  Probably you will need extra yarn to make shawl.

Participants to bring:  2 circular knitting needles of the same size (but can be of different lengths) appropriate for the yarn (yarn is worsted, recommended #8 needle, but should bring #7 and #9 to get gauge), a crochet hook similar in size to the needles, and a darning needle.  Yarn will be supplies in cost for table top runner.  If you wish to make the project larger into an afghan order extra yarn for class.

Afghan supplies: If you wish to make afghan you will need to order more yarn.  Two afghans that Amy knitted - #1 approximately 56” X 41” and used 1550 yards.  #2 was approximately 55” X 37” and used 1440 yards.

Instructor to provide: samples for examination, notebook with handouts including written instructions for 2 versions of the Petoskey stone medallion, sundry supplies.

AM Workshop Amy will instruct how to make stone medallions.  PM Workshop Amy will instruct how to assemble medallions.  Crocheting of medallions:  Helpful if you know how to crochet, but not necessary to take class.


Lunchwill be provided by Grand Traverse Pie Company, Petoskey (12 noon – 1 pm).  Choices below please select what you would like to order and let us know if you have allergies!

Mini skein packsthat have been choosen by Amy are shown below.  Please choose your color pack for the class to make a table runner.  If you are interested in making the Petoskey Stone Afghan then see me to order further yarn, not included in costs.

Snack Breakwill be provided at 2:30 pm.


Day 3 – October 1st, 2017

 “The Surprising Yarn-Over”:  10 am to 1 pm

Description: A “yarn-over” is a fundamental element in knitted lace, but there is more to the yarn-over than lace. The yarn-over is a surprising and versatile element in many forms of knitting. We will explore the use of yarn-overs to make beautiful edges, interesting cords, straight and wavy fabrics. In addition, we’ll cover variations on the yarn-over and how yarn-overs are created in a variety of knit stitch patterns.

Class level: advanced beginning to intermediate knitting

Contact hours: 3

Materials fee: Included in cost.

Participants to bring: 100-200 yards of yarn and knitting needles appropriate for the yarn

Instructor to provide: samples for examination, notebook with handouts, yarn, sundry supplies.


Sign-up for Fall Workshops 2017:Must fill out form!




Food Allergies:__________________________________

Lunch Choices:__Vegetarian or Not____________________

Individual Boxed Lunches and Assorted Cookie Tray

Lunch Choices:

#1. Classic Turkey Sandwich – Oven roasted turkey, tomato, and lettuce blended with mayonnaise on sourdough.

#2. Cherrywood BLT – Cherry-wood smoked bacon, lettuce blend, and tomato with mayonnaise on sourdough.

#3.  Mediterranean Veggie – Roasted red pepper, red onion, cucumber, tomato, feta sheese, lettuce blend, salt and pepper with roasted red pepper hummus on an herbed baguette.

#4.  Cherry Chicken Salad – Baked chicken breast, lettuce blended, tomato, sliced cucumber, feta cheese, parmesan, Michigan dried cherries and croutons with berry cherry vinaigrette.

Mini Skein Color Pack Choice for September 30thWorkshop: ___


Sign (consenting means you have read and understand the retreat information!):____________________________

Cost of Workshops: September 29th and October 1st  $60 for each workshop.  September 30th all day workshop $150.00.  Total 3 day cost:  $270.00.  Workshops can be chosen separate or as a package.  Payments:  ½ down at initial sign-up, balance by June 30, 2017.  Cancellations: by August 15 = full refund: between August 16 – September 1 = store credit; after September 1 = no refund UNLESS replacement found.

Fees for workshop pay the designer and their travels, meals, room and any other items necessary for the workshop (such as lunches, dinner, room rental).  Gifts are donated by wholesalers, but not always and will be provided by Cindy’s.  Please support Cindy’s Northern Crafts! by purchasing materials needed for the workshop from the store.  It allows the store to bring in famous designers and offer such wonderful entertainment in the knitting community.


Yarns will be dyed by Frabjous Fibers and put in color packs choosen by Amy Tyler for Petoskey Stone Workshop:  Choose #1 or #2 and note on line above.

Choice One: 

2 skeins of 00 White Rabbit                    

1 skein of 12 Tea Tray

1 skein of 25 Tulgey Wood

1 skein of 40 Goat’s Beard

1 skein of 62 Gravel Walk

1 skein of 83 Clotted Cream

Choice Two:

2 skeins of 00 White Rabbit

1 skein of 8 Hedgehog

1 skein of 34 Dormouse

1 skein of 39 Little oyster

1 skein of 62 Gravel Walk

1 Skein of 83 Clotted Cream


Come join in the FUN this fall by signing up!

(Sign up information needs to be delivered or mailed to the store.  You can also send by email to  Need sign up information, choice of meal if taking Saturday class and yarn pack choice.)

If you have any questions please call Cindy at 231-439-9221!




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