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We love crafting!  We offer you to join us with our knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning and quilting!







PICTURE:  Royale Knitter's Pride needles out.  Beautiful handpainted wood.  A new color for each size.  Swivel cords and size 16" cords.  Sharp metal tips with nice cloth needle pouch.  Order for your birthday or pre-order for Christmas just around the corner.

NORTHERN MICHIGAN SHEEP HAT Hat designed by Joan Sheridan owner of Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion.  Pattern now available at Cindy's.  Garment for view in store.

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Peeping Sheep Notes for September 2016 are out!  We are excited about fall it is our favorite time of the year!  Please email Cynthia your name and email to sign up for the notes!

Fussy Thread News is our 3nd quilting newsletter for September 2016.  If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter email Cynthia at to sign up!  


                      FALL “BOM” ~ KATHY MYCHKOVSKY

STARTING ON OCTOBER 8TH 9 to 11 am THE BIRD WALK QUILT!  See quilt class info for all details.  First block done and picture shown also.


                                       (First block.)

Meet with Kathy every second Saturday of the month.  More will be presented on this block a month in the next newsletter.  Kathy will have a sample done of the first block to view in the store in August.  Kathy is a long time quilter and use to run quilting classes at Calico Crafts.  (Picture to come in August.)

Jump on Ravelry and join (or revisit) our discussion group, Petoskey Pointy Sticks. Gather virtually with others who have discovered Cindy’s Northern Crafts (formerly Cynthia’s Too!). You’ll find out what’s going on at open knits and what people are making, share tips, learn about classes, get a peek at new items coming into the store. Join in.


FALL FUN ~ Destressor night!  October 19th, 6 – 7:30 pm

What on earth are you doing?  If you are thinking too much about whether to join or not to you are wasting too much time taxing your brain.   If you are not on a mission to the space station and you will be sitting on your couch doing your nails come party with us!  The word is “Destress” …come bring your favorite drink to pass, bring a knit/crochet  think free project, bring slippers, and a friend.  Let the corners of your mouth turn up and enjoy the evening in a one of the best fiber arts stores in the north country!

Sign ups will be limited.  Extreme social laughing is allowed.  The whole point of this night is to create more, many more.  So let’s have a peeping good time!  Winter is long, family needs go on the back burner for a few hours of destress time for you and I can’t think of any legitimate excuses to keep you from being here!  If space was your mission then land it here and join our inner circle of working needles and juju juice!

Why in the world are you reading this again and not signing up?  Make that call… 


Call us if you have any questions at (231) 439-9221.







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"HUG OF LOVE" Pattern will continue to be a pattern posted on this web site for your use. FREE PATTERN! Feel free to copy it and pass it along with a hug.  Christa Newhouse has written this free pattern of a unique scarf in memory of my dog Zoe.  It was posted on Ravelry by me and Skacel posted it on facebook.  Help us in making it big by giving a "Hug of Love" to all those who need it!

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