Cindy's Northern Crafts
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Petoskey, MI 49770
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We love crafting!  We offer you to join us with our knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning and quilting! Where dreams come true with designs and footprints get left in the sand!


   Baby Blossom Chunky Yarn ~ Pattern sizes are baby to 7 years old!


WE ARE OPEN:  Temporary Change due to season changing.  Wednesday through Saturdays April 24th -May 7th.  11 - 5 pm on W -F and 10 - 5 pm on Saturday.  Closed Sunday through Tuesday.

WORKSHOP:  Amy Tyler will be dropping of store samples for the up-coming workshop.  Click on site to left of this information.  ALL INFORMATION POSTED FOR SIGN UPS!

No classes for April or May.  Privates available and help sessions.  

Class offered by Cynthia Hedgehog for summer ~


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NEKO NEEDLES are here at Cindy's Northern Crafts from Germany! The latest fun new needles...Neko - What is it?
Neko are the new "Innovative Knitting Needles" ...
with a Special Bended Design that helps you knitting
cable patterns as well as socks, hats, loops and sleeves
as easy as never before.
These needles have a V shape and you only get three of them. Soon they will be arriving in the store and we will be having a Neko Knit! Dates will be set for you to join the fun! Instruction by Cindy and taste tests by you! Great ready for NEKO KNIT! 


Twiddlemuffs is our project drive this year! ~

We are collecting "Twiddlemuffs" this year!  Please knit us a few to add to our collection for dementia patients in the area.  We will be collecting them until December 1st! Thank you for your support!  I will be providing information on where to obtain a free pattern to design your twiddlemuff!  Free patterns below!

Knitting Twiddlemuff:

Crochet Twiddlemuff:


  New Art Yarns Cowl available at the store!



Don't miss out on a single thing with Cindy's Northern Crafts!


Call us if you have any questions at (231) 439-9221.







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"HUG OF LOVE" Pattern will continue to be a pattern posted on this web site for your use. FREE PATTERN! Feel free to copy it and pass it along with a hug.  Christa Newhouse has written this free pattern of a unique scarf in memory of my dog Zoe.  It was posted on Ravelry by me and Skacel posted it on facebook.  Help us in making it big by giving a "Hug of Love" to all those who need it!