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Cindy's Northern Crafts is Official Closed Now!

June 2nd, 2018


Those of you who shopped the store, followed along in emails, came to retreats, classes, and open knits  - "Thank-you" so much!"

I have met many customers over the years.  I knew their husbands, families, kids, things that made them happy and hardships.

Besides the decorating, and other things fulfilling from the store it was a pleasure to be a part of your lives and let the world of knitting bring a little peacefulness to your lives.

When tragedies happen in our lives we try to make since of them.  I haven't been able to do that yet.

I'm not gone just planting a lot of flowers and pampering my critters.  

I have not given up on the world of fibers and have something planned in the back of my mind.

We'll see what the future holds!







Picture:  Where it all began!  



            JUNE 2ND,2018

              April 2018

It’s been a great journey with my store and or stores. I’ve

met so many wonderful people made lots of friends, gone

to fun shows, learned about running a business and the

joys of decorating and growing flowers.


It is time for me to close my store. Time and rest is what

I need now to recuperate. 

I am the foundation of the store. I can’t run it from home

and I can’t do the store or my customers justice by

running it remotely from home.


This comes very very hard for me, but it's time to close

sooner than later. 



If you have any questions you can send them to me

directly at


Thanking you for all your support, cards, and loyalty over

the years!


The good times, the wonderful customers who have


friends and the ones who traveled and visited yearly

will all be missed. I will forever have memories to hold

on to. When something happens so life changing

memories, family, and friends are everything. I even

think I should have never complained about cleaning

the house. Life is important, people and pets are

important! I wish you all the best life has to give. Knit

or crochet on and give that gift of love to those who are



Forever, Cindy







Call us if you have any questions at (231) 439-9221.





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"HUG OF LOVE" Pattern will continue to be a pattern posted on this web site for your use. FREE PATTERN! Feel free to copy it and pass it along with a hug.  Christa Newhouse has written this free pattern of a unique scarf in memory of my dog Zoe.  It was posted on Ravelry by me and Skacel posted it on facebook.  Help us in making it big by giving a "Hug of Love" to all those who need it!