Four Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Homeowners are constantly searching for ways to save money when planning for bathroom remodeling. And while a full renovation may be the ideal solution for some, there are a lot of cheaper ways to upgrade your existing bathroom. In this article, we’ll look at some of the cheapest bathroom upgrades around, as well as some tips for making sure that your design will be cost-effective. Visit Bath Planet by Fresno Baths & Showers at for your bathroom construction.

Bathroom Remodeling


If you’re planning on a full bathroom remodeling, one of the cheapest ways to improve the look of your room is to replace the outdated tile with a new tile. As long as you have adequate tile in your existing bathroom, you can save a great deal of money on this upgrade. However, full bathroom remodeling will likely require you to replace flooring, walls, countertops, plumbing, cabinets, and flooring.


While a full bathroom remodeling is highly recommended, it’s often just not enough of an upgrade for some homeowners. In this case, consider replacing just a few things, such as your faucets and fixtures, rather than a complete renovation. For example, many people opt to replace their faucets and fixtures with a simple vanity, rather than a new bathroom tiles and stone. Replacing your faucets and fixtures with a simple vanity set will save you money, but you can also add a few new items without spending a lot of money on a bathroom makeover.


Another option for your bathroom remodeling project is to simply replace your outdated, worn fixtures with new ones. There are a wide variety of cheap fixtures available that won’t break the bank, so you shouldn’t have too much difficulty replacing your existing fixtures for a more updated look. This will save you money, but won’t necessarily make your bathroom remodeling project look like you spent a small fortune on the project. You can add a few new pieces to the room, such as a new toilet and shower fixtures, without spending a lot of money on a complete remodel.


One thing many people don’t consider when they’re considering remodeling their bathrooms is whether or not they need to repair or replace any expensive fixtures. Many times, simple and cheap fixes such as adding a new showerhead, re-caulking a leaky pipe, or switching out old shower heads with more energy efficient models, can make all of the difference in the world. As such, you should think about installing a professional drywall and water damage company as part of your overall bathroom remodeling tip. By doing so, you’ll avoid a major disaster down the road. Even if you do decide to hire a professional drywall company or water damage restoration specialist, these two professionals can work together to come up with a more affordable estimate on your project, which will save you even more money in the long run.


One final bathroom remodeling tip is to keep your eyes open for discount pricing on fixtures and supplies. While it may seem like new appliances cost more, there are often savings to be found by shopping at your local home improvement store, or online at popular retailers. Even if you plan on replacing everything, you can save a bundle on labor by targeting specific areas in your home where you’ll likely see the most wear and tear, such as the toilet and shower, faucets, shower doors, bath tubs, toilets, and cabinets. Not only will this allow you to remodel your home faster and cheaper, but it’ll also help you save money by cutting out middlemen and businesses that charge you more than necessary.

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